Install New Machinery 

Install Time Clocks

Install Photocells & Smoke Detectors

Install Flat Screen TVs & Speakers

Install Computer & Telephone Cables

Install Ceiling Fans




Repair Lights That Don't Work

Replace And Upgrade Transformers

Program Time Clocks

Relamp Fixtures With LED Bulbs

Design Landscape Lighting Plan

Install  Laser Cut Address Rocks

Services Directory List

Parking Lot Lighting Repairs


Supply & Install GE light bulbs

Replace Ballasts & Drivers-Commercial/Residential

Install Lutron Dimmers-CFL/LED/HALOGEN

Install Track & Recessed Down Lights

Install LED Under Cabinet Lights

Install & Move Chandeliers

Test & Repair Emergency Lighting

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Panel Replacement

Electric Service Upgrades

Trouble Shooting Wiring Issues

Tracing Circuits & ID Directories

Temporary Wiring For Construction

Electrical Inspections For Home Buyers

Energy Useage Audits

Republic Lighting Services