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SECOND: I checked the new chandelier door and installed light bulbs in the fixture.I placed the hanging chain onto the lift platform.

Est. 1980

FOUR: I carefully raised the very heavy fixture to get it close enough to attach the hanging chain to the ceiling canopy.

FIVE: I installed a Lutron Wireless Dimming relay in the attic so the fixture could be controlled by a small Lutron Pico Control switch from inside by the front door.The access to the attic was through the garage.

FIRST: I installed the heavy duty mounting plate on the ceiling above the door via the attic.I utilized my rolling scaffold and custom lift. The fixture is sitting on the lift platform.

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SIX: The final result is the installed beautiful chandelier built by Stephen Handelman Studios of Santa Barbara and a very happy customer!

I have installed chandeliers in many challenging locations and heights!

  A Chandelier Installation   At An Estate In Santa Ynez

THIRD: I placed rubber bungee cords around the fixture to secure it to the four insulated upright dowels.It is now ready to be raised.